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Hamlin's is proud to be a dealer or CanDock's floating dock system.  CanDOCKs are a modular floating dock system that are very easy to use and have almost limitless configurations.  It has a very high resistance to weather conditions and a long lifespan with a twenty year warranty.

Many Lightweight and Sturdy Configurations
You can tailor the CanDockk system to almost any shoreline and any layout you desire.  Its' cube based lightweight design makes it very sturdy and safe.  High stability and load capacity being foremost with an added benefit of no metal parts.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance Free
Light pieces held firmly together by specially designed mounting screws make assembly simple.  With its plastic design there is no need to perform any maintenance at all unlike the standard wooden and metal docks that require maintenance every year.

Environmentally Friendly and Pollution Resistant
The high density polyethylene resin make the cubes of the CanDOCK system very resistant to impact and the effects of the sun, water, and many chemical products.  These blocks do not oxidize or break down.

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