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Boat Transportation/Hydraulic Trailer Service

Hamlin's Marine is proud to be able to offer boat transportation via hydraulic trailer.

Boats up to 36' and up to 10 Tons:

  • Truck/Trailer - Driver Included
  • $10.50 per foot plus mileage
  • $3.00 per loaded mile
  • $1.75 per unloaded mile
  • Oversized loads require cost of permit

We include two hours of time PER MOVE to transfer boats to/from our trailers.  Any additional trucking time incurred due to difficult buildings, roads or other obstacles, or unforeseen circumstances will be billed at $79.00 per hour.

Trailered Boats:

  • $79.00 per hour - driver plus mileage
  • $2.00 per loaded mile
  • $1.00 per unloaded mile

Boat Stand Rental

  • $38.50 per stand per year on-site
  • $50.00 per stand per year off-site
  • 8" x 8" blocking: Onetime fee of $15 each when used off-site

Additional Information:

When asking for a quote, we will need some information from you, please include these details below;

1. Make, Model, Wooden or Fiberglass

2. The boat's length, width, and height. (to the inch, height is measured from the keel to the hightest point of non-removable parts)

3. Address of both Pick Up and Drop Off locations (Boat Yard or Private Residence)

4. Own or Possible Purchase

5 Note if its on a trailer and condition of the trailer

6. Estimated Move/Delivery Date

7. If available forward a photo fo your vessel

8. Include any additional comments

Click here to fill out our online transportation request or call for more information or to get a quote.

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