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Puffin Boats

Puffin Boats

Introduced to the world in 1984, the Puffin brand's reputation for craftsmanship and quality quickly grew and spread from its hometown of Winterport, Maine.

In 2012, Puffin Boats LLC was purchased by Katie and Dan Higgins so that they might reintroduce the world to this timeless, Maine classic.  

Today, Puffin is more than just a brand — it has become an icon of maritime life. Puffin dinghies can be seen in nearly every harbor in New England.


Like moose and lobster, Puffin Boats are an indigenous species!

1060 Puffin Skipper - Sea Foam

All new Puffin 1060 Skipper with bench seating and floor drains, in Seafoam. HIN#PUF00230D717

Puffin 760 Row - White

7'6" with a 48" Beam, Max Capacity is 2 persons. HIN#PUF00084A414

Puffin 860 Sailing - White

8'6" with 49" Beam, Maximum Capacity of 3 persons, comes with Puffin sail package.Sail Package includes: sail, mast, boom, rudder, daggerboard, and complete rigging. HIN#PUF00075L314

Puffin 860 Row - White

8'6" with 49" Beam, Max Capacity of 3 persons. HIN#PUF00225D717

Puffin 860 Row - Pink Lobster Wrap

8'6" with 49" Beam, Max Capacity of 3 persons.Custom Pink Lobster wrap over white. HIN#PUF00156I516

Puffin 1060 Skipper - Flag Blue

10'6" with 52" Beam, Max Capacity of 4 persons.Hull color - Flag Blue HIN#PUF00228D717

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